Rerouting California’s Workers’ Compensation Claims Outcomes

California has the highest indemnity durations in the nation, with a small percentage accruing the highest costs. Many involve musculoskeletal injuries where delayed recovery results in chronic pain. What can be done to improve outcomes and reduce claims costs?

How We Help


Nurse Case Management

Our highly-skilled workers’ comp nurses facilitate communication and action among workers, physicians and claims to produce proven time and cost savings. More


IMPACT Early Intervention Program

We quickly assess workplace injuries, obtain early and appropriate treatment, return injured employees back to work sooner, and save clients time and money. More


Telephonic Medical Case Management

Our early intervention, short term injury management programs are designed to ensure appropriate medical care and facilitate rapid return to work. More


Catastrophic Case Management

Our team employs emergency telephonic or on-site assessment, together with specialized case management, to minimize long term risks and costs. More


OrthoTrak Surgical Case Management

Our short-term protocol for injuries requiring orthopedic or major surgical treatment, optimizes recovery, reduces hospital stays and controls costs. More


Certified Interpreting Team

Our fluent and certified interpreters, paired with our nurse case managers, help prevent language barriers from delaying case progress. More


PharmTrak Planning and Monitoring

Our enhanced monitoring helps employers, insurers and TPAs to manage issues that occur with narcotic use in industrial injuries and can delay recovery. More

Who We Serve


Wondering when or if an injured worker will return? Get them back on the job sooner.

TPAs, Insurers & Claims

Our nurse case managers know workers’ comp and their role in supporting your goals.

Public Agencies

We bring specialized expertise to self-insured groups that need to manage costs.

About Choices

Our Team

Our nurse case managers bring an effective combination of clinical, organizational, innovative, client service and communication skills. More

Our Clients

Our clients receive fast response, proactive communication, expert service and real value measurable by improved results. More

Here’s What They Say

“I have some ‘challenging’ cases and the Choices nurses’ assistance in getting the doctors to respond has been great.” More