Nurse Case Management

Early intervention by our nurse case managers (NCM) is a proven method for helping claims professionals and employers save costs and speed closure of workers' comp cases. View the savings data here.

Call us at the first sign of a potential claim or right at the time of injury – we can help make sure that the process starts out with the best chance of being resolved quickly. Or contact us when progress, communication and recovery have slowed down without sufficient explanation.

Our NCMs collaborate with claims professionals and employers to proactively and positively impact the speed and cost of worker's comp case resolution. As skilled and trained communicators, negotiators, questioners and problem-solvers, they consistently deliver positive, measurable improvement - whether working on a case from the outset, or being called in when progress is too slow. They facilitate communication and action among employers, insurance carriers, physicians, treatment teams and injured workers, and coordinate appropriate medical care promoting recovery and return to work, as well as proven time and cost savings.

Using our services doesn't always mean a long, ongoing commitment. Sometimes all it takes is a quick case review and a couple of visits by one of our nurse case managers to get a slow-moving case back on track. A small investment can yield big returns.

Benefits of Using a Nurse Case Manager

  • For the Employer, Case Manager and Carrier
  • Maximize medical control
  • Obtain early treatment
  • Ensure appropriate treatment measures
  • Reduce unnecessary medical treatment
  • Expedite communication & action
  • Speed return to full or light duty
  • Facilitate communication with treatment teams
  • Minimize litigious involvement
  • Identify non-industrial conditions
  • Save costs for employer & carrier
  • For the Injured Worker
  • One-on-one contact with employee
  • Explains treatment plan
  • Monitors adherence to plan
  • Treatment/visit follow-up
  • An employer “benefit”

6 Signs It’s Time
When is the right time to consider bringing in a nurse case manager? What difference can a nurse really make in speeding case closure?


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