PharmTrak was created to help employers, insurers and TPAs to manage the medical cost and long term disability risk associated with narcotic use in industrial injuries.

Through enhanced monitoring, our NCMs can minimize or eliminate common issues that occur with the use of narcotics that can delay recovery and substantially increase medical costs in the claim.

Preventive Trak is a short term, task-driven program that is designed for a new claim where narcotics are prescribed to treat pain or the claim is deemed high risk for potential narcotic issues. Pre-set NCM tasks, designed with your input, can include a review of narcotic orders (guideline review, amount, duration), and in-person meeting with prescriber to set up pain control plan including monitoring and compliance.

Corrective Trak is a more in-depth NCM process to address an existing narcotic issue (dependency or addiction) created by the use of long term narcotics for pain control in an industrial injury. The NCM will work with the Injured Worker and Doctor to facilitate a written narcotic plan to identify different modalities, reduce prescription use, eliminate possible barriers to treating the Injured Worker’s pain and address dependency and addiction.

Download the PharmTrak program sheet

Benefits of PharmTrak

  • Impacts long term narcotic use through early intervention.
  • Reduces expensive rehabilitation costs involved in drug dependency and or addiction events.
  • Up front dialogue with the Doctor and Injured Worker communicates your commitment to proper treatment and use of medical evidence guidelines.
  • Reduces NCM costs with a preset task algorithm that is followed and preset time table for NCM case closures.
  • Immediate access to projections for rehabilitation and durations of disability. 
  • Immediate access to projections for rehabilitation and durations of disability.
  • Delivers nursing/teaching instruction to the patient so that the use and risks of narcotics are understood and reinforced.
  • Communicates to the injured employee that the employer/carrier is concerned and pro-active in ensuring they are cared for and receive treatment.
  • Minimizes or prevents treatment and recovery delays that can occur from the use of long term narcotics.

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