OrthoTrak Surgical Case Management

For injuries requiring orthopedic or other major surgical treatment, careful planning and specialized monitoring of preoperative and postoperative events is the key to optimizing recovery, reducing hospital stay, disability time, and controlling costs.

OrthoTrak is a short term custom nurse case management (NCM) protocol designed specifically to address unique and critically important requirements for surgical case management. Incorporating pre-set NCM tasks to be completed over a limited period of time, OrthoTrak addresses the injured worker’s (IW) treatment and recovery needs, while providing claims examiners (CE) with invaluable assessment, planning, monitoring and problem-solving support.

Initiated when a request for orthopedic or other major surgery is approved, the OrthoTrak protocol utilizes NCM expertise to obtain, monitor and ensure that all presurgical and postsurgical treatment orders are in place for the IW.

By monitoring and managing the IW’s care in an efficient and timely manner, the NCM proactively works to minimize or eliminate common issues and barriers that can delay recovery. Your IWs are provided invaluable instruction enabling them to identify potential risks and adverse reactions during recovery.

Following predefined task completion, the case is automatically closed to further medical management.

Download the OrthoTrak program sheet

Benefits for claims examiners and injured workers:

  • Addresses barriers to recovery such as co-morbidities or delay in pre/postsurgical treatment orders.
  • Reduces NCM costs by utilizing a pre-set task and time algorithm for NCM case closures.
  • All home care, DME, pharmacy and therapy needs arranged for the IW.
  • Provides immediate access to projections for rehabilitation and disability durations.
  • Provides important support and reinforcement of postoperative instructions and orders to the IW.
  • Communicates employer/carrier concern and proactive approach to IW care.
  • Relieves CE from last minute calls, urgent discharge orders, and time required to coordinate postsurgical services.
  • Prevents delayed hospital discharges and additional hospital stays.

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