Here’s What They Say

Here are a few comments we’re received recently from employers and claims professionals who have shared their experiences working with our team.

TPA: “I have had a wonderful experience working with the nurse case managers from Choices. I assigned some very difficult injured workers to the NCMs at Choices. Not only did the NCM handle the medical issues professionally, but actually received glowing compliments from the difficult injured workers. Not an easy thing to do. I will continue to send referrals to Choices for both Field and Telephonic Case Managers with the utmost confidence.”

Employer: “You all provide such dedicated, efficient and caring service to our injured employees. Truly a value-added service for our claims. I have so appreciated working with you and all of your NCMs and client service team.”

Hospital Employer: “These exceptional individuals at Choices Case Management are some of the best professionals that I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with. They never hesitate to share their expertise and knowledge gained from years of experience. They stand behind their commitment to excellence, proactive communication and high standards. They never lose sight of the goals of assisting the injured worker, communication with the providers and connecting with the claims staff for the best possible outcomes. This is only a small sample of why I have come to rely on them and consider them to be the best! “

TPA Claims Manager: "You have consistently lived up to your reputation as a specialist, producing a top quality product with exceptional turnaround time. I've found your early intervention and managed care services to be among the best in the industry, and your expertise unmatched."

Injured Worker’s Spouse: "Your intervention was beneficial in improving pain management, speeding and clarifying treatment options, obtaining better treatment, and bringing the case to a reasonable close. You were able to articulate my wife's needs to the physician and to the claims administrator; your demeanor was professional and caring."

County Employer: "I have some ‘challenging' cases and the nurses' assistance in getting the doctors to respond has been great. All of the nurses from Choices that I've had on my cases have been an immense help."

TPA Claims Examiner: "I have the opportunity to work with various nursing intervention management firms. Choices has proven to be at the top of its class with regards to timely and thorough reporting to the claims adjuster, and also working closely with the injured worker and physicians to establish rapport unlike any other I've seen. Your team has dedicated itself, as shown in the excellent work you produce, to being professional, flexible, and going one step beyond what is called for."

Claims Examiner, School Insurance Authority: "I've been working with the nurse case managers at Choices for over five years. I appreciate their assistance in obtaining MMI for my injured workers. They are very professional when working with the injured workers and medical providers. I have received calls from several injured workers who have expressed thanks for assigning one of the nurses from Choices to their case."

Major Airline Employer: "I knew that I made a very good choice when I began receiving positive comments about Choices' professionalism from employees, medical doctors and claims examiners. They rave about your knowledge, promptness, warmness and professional skills. As you know, when speaking about customer service, this airline ranks at the top of the list. As an "extended team member" you represent us very well. Thank you again for keeping me updated in a timely fashion."

County Employer: "Since your involvement with our workers' comp claims, we've noticed quite a change. With your assistance, our employees are now receiving earlier diagnoses and appropriate referrals to the appropriate professionals. We've found that return to work orders are now easier to obtain with your presence in the claim. Your nurses are knowledgeable, professional and very timely with their communication. We can depend on their consistence and high quality of service.

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